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A virtual life management service that unlocks your time.

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What we do

Mave handles the need-to-dos you give us...

Save Time


Save Energy

Gift Shopping

Save Frustration

Get a Refund

...And the need-to-dos we anticipate

What you probably need

You're due for a haircut, should I book?

Please do

Remind me next week

What you might need

Alexis' birthday is in two weeks. Would you like me to send flowers?

Yes, send her favorite

Not this year

What you forgot you need

We found a great home organizer — do you need a spring cleaning?

Yes, please!

No, Thanks

How it works

We pair smart, experienced virtual personal assistants — Maves — with category experts, machine learning technology, and a black book of "best of" in your neighborhood.

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1. Meet your Mave

Meet your dedicated Mave via phone or email.

2. Send your Mave requests

Send your Mave information and requests through any channel you like — phone, text, email and our app - any time of day.

3. Your Mave gets to work!

You’ll have full visibility into the progress. Mave is a monthly service so your Mave will get to know you better over time and begin to anticipate your needs.

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Who are Maves?

Each client is assigned a dedicated Mave.   Maves are 100% virtual - you won’t meet in person but your Mave will know you, and vice-versa.

Maves Are...

  • Full-time employees, based in Los Angeles
  • Educated and experienced (many have supported celebs and high-level execs)
  • Trusted — All our Maves have passed rigorous background checks
  • Trained to practice discretion

Maves will research information, consult their black book, integrate their prior experience, consider your preferences, and triangulate to bring you an easy answer or recommendation.

If you prefer, a Mave can provide the rationale for their answer or recommendation, so you know what went into making it.

Our Story

Emily White

Not so long ago, I found it increasingly hard to keep up with the demands of an active and over-committed life.

With more households where both partners work, I knew I wasn't alone.

Having spent my career at some of the largest and most successful tech companies in the world, I’ve seen how technology can change our personal lives in unexpected ways.

It was clear to me that we could leverage technology to handle what we previously thought only we could handle.

Mave was launched to help reduce the cognitive load that we carry — the sticky notes on the wall and the calendar reminders we send ourselves.

If we clear this from our minds, what else could we do?

Find out.

We look forward to helping you,

Emily White

Frequently Asked Questions

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